Metrics 101: NBA’s Most Overhyped Players over Last 50 Years

Let’s make this clear right away: “Overhyped” does not mean “bad.”

Those two descriptors are not one and the same. An NBA player can receive too much recognition and credit for his skills and still be one of the all-time greats. Every man featured in this article—while in his prime, at least—was someone you’d probably want on your favorite team. Three of them are even in the Hall of Fame.

But they’re still overrated.

Basketball analysis has grown far more sophisticated in recent years, making it easier to apply retroactive breakdowns to previous seasons. And unfortunately, doing so reveals that a handful of players received far too much credit, whether because their primary skills weren’t all they were cracked up to be or because their weaknesses were just that detrimental.

You will notice that these players skew heavily toward recent years, which happens for two primary reasons. We tend to get a better grasp on actual reputations as time goes on, so it becomes tougher for the old-timers to remain overhyped, even if they may have been classified as such during their actual playing days. Secondly, the league has grown increasingly popular as time has passed. And with that uptick in attention, it’s easier for lesser players to gain more recognition than they might otherwise deserve. 

Sorry. We’re just being objective here, no matter how much the truth may hurt.

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from Bleacher Report – NBA


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