Kyrie Irving Tells Teammate During Pickup Game He Won’t Reward Negative Behavior

Whether it’s Game 7 of the NBA Finals or a random pickup game with no legacy-altering consequences, never let it be said Kyrie Irving‘s intensity wavers on a basketball court.

The Cleveland Cavaliers guard was captured by DelsonTraining on Sunday berating a teammate in a pickup game after he turned the ball over (some NSFW language):

“Bro, stop turning the ball over,” Irving told his teammate. “I’m not rewarding that. I’m not rewarding negative behavior.”

The teammate did not seem too concerned, reminding Irving that it wasn’t a real game. Irving then warned he would hold the ball if the teammate kept making mistakes, which in this case was a backcourt violation.

An additional video from the session, taken in Irving’s home state of New Jersey, shows him breaking down a defender off the dribble before hitting a tough floater:

The four-time All-Star has been the talk of the NBA over the last few weeks after requesting a trade from the Cavaliers last month. Cleveland general manager Koby Altman told reporters that reports of a soured relationship between Irving and LeBron James “has been overblown.”

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