LaVar Ball Responds to Shaquille O’Neal’s Diss Track

LaVar Ball responded to a diss track NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal released, saying, “He gotta put my name in whatever he doing, elsewise everybody forget about Shaq.”

Sam Gordon of Overtime provided Ball’s full comments Friday night (some NSFW language):

The verbal jabs between Ball and O’Neal date back to early May. The four-time NBA champion expressed disappointment in the $495 price tag the Big Baller Brand placed on Lonzo Ball’s first signature shoe before the Los Angeles Lakers drafted him.

Shaq posted a message directed at LaVar:

Nick Schwartz of Fox Sports passed along Ball’s reaction from a conversation he had with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe on FS1’s Undisputed a few days later.

“Just like Shaq was saying, ‘Oh, LaVar, you need to make it for the kids!’ No, that’s your lane; you make it for them,” he said. “They’ve got two lanes they can come in.”

Ball added: “He makes his shoe, his Shaq Attack. How come his son don’t wear it? It’s a family thing. See, my son will wear my shoe. It’s a family thing. I’m giving him a choice. He can wear any shoe he wants, but why wouldn’t he want to wear something that’s your own?”

O’Neal clapped back earlier this month with an Instagram message that used the hashtag “Shaq shoes the real Big Baller Brand”:

With Lonzo ready to kick off his NBA career this season and two more basketball-playing Ball sons in the pipeline (LiAngelo and LaMelo), the war of words between LaVar and Shaq is probably closer to the start than the end.

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