Charles Oakley on New NBA Generation: Some ‘Should Wear Dresses’

Charles Oakley joined the chorus of former players who believe the current generation of NBA stars is too soft.

Speaking at Michael Rapaport’s live event in Dallas on Saturday prior to Sunday’s BIG3 action, Oakley said today’s players are “sensitive” and that some “should wear dresses,” according to BallIsLife’s David Astramskas:

The former New York Knicks enforcer is hardly the first ex-player to voice that opinion, though how he expressed it figures to be controversial.

In February 2016, former Seattle SuperSonics point guard and Hall of Famer Gary Payton tweeted he “could never play basketball in this soft era” and that all of his paychecks “would go toward fines.”

Months later, former Los Angeles Lakers big man Mychal Thompson—Klay’s father—told Diamond Leung, then with the Mercury News, that LeBron James would not have fared well playing in the 1980s in the aftermath of his 2016 NBA Finals altercation with Draymond Green.

“LeBron couldn’t have survived in the ’80s with the physicality and the words guys said to each other back then,” Thompson said, via “We all respect LeBron’s ability…but man, sometimes he acts too entitled like he’s supposed to get everything he wants.”

Right or wrong, it’s unlikely the stars of yesteryear are likely to pipe down anytime soon.

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