Ranking Top 10 BIG3 Players: Rashard Lewis Is the Alpha Dog

And now for the BIG3 player rankings you didn’t know you couldn’t live without until just now.

Five games into Ice Cube’s summertime baby, we have a pretty good idea of who’s showing out. These standout performers deserve our proverbial fist bumps, hat tips and cool-person nods. 

To be clear: We’re not projecting who could dominate this league. We’re past that. These rankings are based on everyone’s play thus far. Those who have been impacted by injuries and playing time are at a disadvantage, but such is life. Maybe Allen Iverson can make the cut next year.

Stats, team records and anecdotal gold mines all went into shaping each player’s placement. And don’t worry: TurboStats.com has done a fantastic job providing enough data for us to do a deep dive worthy of ruffling Lou Williams’ feathers.

Begin Slideshow

from Bleacher Report – NBA http://ift.tt/2h1JaTh


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