Position Logjams NBA Teams Need to Solve

Depth is great, but too many players vying for minutes at the same position is typically a sign of a bad NBA roster.

If you have a surplus of good wings who all deserve to play, you don’t have one player who clearly owns the position. Less is more in that scenario.

Think of it this way: As long as Kawhi Leonard is in San Antonio, the Spurs will never have a logjam at small forward.

Positional gluts aren’t so bad for rebuilding teams. Fostering competition is fine for training camp battles—and even the regular season. Not every prospect is going to pan out, so for squads looking to find the guy at a certain spot, there’s value in letting several candidates fight it out for the title.

We’ll see that happen with the Sacramento Kings.

Here, let’s delve into several crowded positions the draft and free agency failed to sort out.

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from Bleacher Report – NBA http://ift.tt/2eNgmNn


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