Big3 Basketball League: TV Schedule, Live Stream, Rosters for July 10 Broadcast

Al Harrington and Trilogy lead the Big3 into the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Sunday for the league’s third week of action.

The touring league has lived up to every bit of hype over its first two stops, with names such as Allen Iverson, Stephen Jackson and Chauncey Billups putting on shows in Brooklyn, New York, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Sunday offers some heavyweight matchups in Tulsa, which fans can view Monday via broadcast. Here’s everything to know about the upcoming schedule.


Big3 Week 3 Viewing Information

When: Sunday, July 9

Where: BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma

TV: Airs on FS1 Monday, July 10 at 8 p.m. ET

Live Stream: Fox Sports Go


Big3 Week 3 Schedule

Game 1: Power vs. 3 Headed Monsters

Game 2: Killer 3s vs. Tri State

Game 3: Ball Hogs vs. Ghost Ballers

Game 4: Trilogy vs. 3’s Company



Game 1: Power (Cuttino Mobley, Jerome Williams, DeShawn Stevenson, Moochie Norris) vs. 3 Headed Monsters (Rashard Lewis, Kwame Brown, Eddie Basden, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf)

Game 2: Killer 3s (Chauncey Billups, Stephen Jackson, Reggie Evans, Larry Hughes, Brian Cook) vs. Tri-State (Jermaine O’Neal, Bonzi Wells, Xavier Silas, Lee Nailon, Mike James)

Game 3: Ball Hogs (Brian Scalabrine, Josh Childress, Derrick Byars, Rasual Butler, Dominic McGuire) vs. Ghost Ballers (Mike Bibby, Ricky Davis, Mo Evans, Marcus Banks, Ivan Johnson)

Game 4: Trilogy (Kenyon Martin, Al Harrington, Rashad McCants, James White, Dion Glover) vs. 3’s Company (Allen Iverson, DerMarr Johnson, Andre Owens, Mike Sweetney, Ruben Patterson, Al Thornton) 


Week 3 should be when the Big3 hits its stride. The first week was a feeling-out period of sorts, highlighted by a few injuries to players such as Jason Williams. Ice Cube, the man in charge, altered the rules so games were played to the 50-point mark rather than 60 to help with flow and broadcast requirements.

The changes and players simply getting used to the league provided better action in Week 2, with the marquee game coming as Harrington’s Trilogy slammed through Rashard Lewis’ 3 Headed Monsters 50-37.

Billups’ Killer 3s took another loss, though they’re still viewed by many as one of the favorites—even in Harrington’s mind.

“I think at this stage it’s probably us and the Killer 3s,” Harrington said, according to Craig Ellenport of the league’s official website. “Even though they’re 0-2, they’ve got Chauncey back. It might take another game for him to get back into rhythm, but they should be tough to beat.”

Granted, much can change over nine weeks of action before the Week 10 title game. And the league’s improvements continue to coincide with more attention, with more than 10,000 fans showing up at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte for the most recent gameweek.

Players aren’t surprised by the budding popularity of the new touring league. Nor does it sound like they expect it to taper off.

“I expected it, just because of who is putting it on,” Iverson said, according to FanSided’s Jeremy Lambert. “With somebody like Cube, he’s not going to get involved with something and not put his all into it. I knew it would be something intriguing for the fans.”

Which brings us to Week 3. Game 1 starts things off right with a monster showdown between Power and 3 Headed Monsters. Cuttino Mobley and DeShawn Stevenson have the former undefeated, while the latter looks to rally around the aforementioned Lewis, who sits second behind Harrington in points per game, at 22.0.

Were it not for Harrington’s hype of the Killer 3s, Billups’ winless team’s clash with the 0-2 Tri-State wouldn’t be a major ordeal. Billups finished with 15 points in Week 2, so fans might want to watch out for him to keep improving.

Game 3 looks more entertaining, with the Ball Hogs and Ghost Ballers, both 1-1, getting together for what should be some fast-paced action. Both Rasual Butler and Derrick Byars of the former rank among the top six in scoring average thanks to 20.5 and 19.0 points per game, respectively.

As for the Ghost Ballers, Mike Bibby is the main attraction and leads the league with four total four-point shots.

Bibby pulled in some individual honors for his performance in Charlotte:

Week 3 saves the best for last, though, with Harrington and Kenyon Martin squaring off against Iverson and his 3’s Company. It’s a contest perhaps ready to swing either way in dramatic fashion because if Iverson’s lineup runs away from the much bigger Trilogy, he’ll stay on the court. If the inverse happens, it could be a limited showing for The Answer.

Either way, Sunday offers a monster slate aligning right with when the league starts to hit a stride.

Entertainment league or not, it’s clear the players involved want to win and give the crowds something to remember. Week 3 figures to give the long-term efforts another boost.


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