10 NBA Players Who Could Be Traded Following Free Agency

The frenzy of free agency eventually quiets, and a sense of relative calm settles over NBA teams—generally around late July.

That’s when 30 revamped clubs can evaluate themselves in a colder, more rational light. At that point, they’ll ask themselves the important questions.

Where are we?

What do we still need?

How long do we give this thing before hitting “detonate”?

Buyer’s remorse might set in immediately for a few, triggering exploratory trade talks. Mainstays might be getting squeezed out by new additions. We’ll also see teams look to move players who’ve been involved in rumors for months. Finally, there are always short-timers who clubs might look to dump if there’s a risk of losing assets for nothing next summer.

The trades are coming—some sooner than later.

Post free-agency, keep an eye on these guys as potential movers.

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from Bleacher Report – NBA http://ift.tt/2sTYQc0


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