2017 NBA Free Agency: B.S. Meter on Latest Rumors

It wasn’t the smoothest process, but the biggest domino of 2017 NBA free agency dropped on the Fourth of July, as All-Star forward Gordon Hayward announced his decision to head east to join the Boston Celtics.

Hayward’s departure from the Utah Jazz already caused a minor surge in free-agent activity, a trend that should continue as market rates are established and agreements are reached. But before any more handshakes happen, we’re left monitoring the rumor mill to determine who might be involved.

Is Rudy Gay now the consolation prize for the former Hayward hopefuls?

Where will veteran point guards Derrick Rose and Rajon Rondo take their talents?

How much is Otto Porter really worth to the Washington Wizards?

The juiciest rumors on the biggest names available have all been given the smell test to decipher what’s real and what’s questionable. Each one examined here has been assessed with our trusty B.S. meter to see just how much bull is involved.

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from Bleacher Report – NBA http://ift.tt/2spk9T2


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