Smart but Heartless Moves NBA Teams Should Make This Offseason

It’s a cold world out there, and it only gets colder during NBA free agency.

Or, at least it should.

Sentiment is the enemy of optimal roster construction. Just ask the Golden State Warriors how touchy feely they got when forced to choose between familiar mainstays and newcomer Kevin Durant last summer. Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut were gone in a calculated blink.

Several teams face difficult decisions every offseason. Extend an aging veteran on a big deal? Cling to hope a free-agent-to-be won’t leave for nothing in a year? Appease fans hungry for short-term success with a trade, even if it muddies the long-term waters?

Here, we step in to offer the icy logic teams weighing these decisions need to hear.

It’ll be impersonal. Cruel. Callous.

But if you want to build the best team possible, there’s no room for feelings.

Besides, winning will create the good vibes on its own.

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from Bleacher Report – NBA


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